World Sight Day 2021: Theme, Importance of Eye Health, History

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World Sight Day 2021

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Happy World Sight Day 2021: Every year on 14th October, World Sight Day is celebrated to raise awareness among people on eye health and eye-related problems that need to be dealt with in a short time. World Sight Day aims to increase the awareness of everyone towards taking care of their eyes properly.

History of World Sight Day | Why World Eye Sight Day Is Celebrated?

The first-ever World Sight Day was celebrated in the year 1998 when Lions Club International collaborated with the Blindness Prevention Organization to educate people about the importance of eyesight and health.

What Is The Importance Of Celebrating World Sight Day

This day significance in making us realize how important Eye is and take proper care of our precious eyes. We still continue to take our vision (Eyes) for granted and only understand its importance when we struggle with our eyesight as it becomes less crisp over time, causing us to become dependent on others for our daily tasks.

There are various factors that can harm our vision. These factors include:

  1. Chronic diseases like diabetes that can harm the small blood vessels in the eyes leading to problems in the retina
  2. Trauma/accidental harm to eyes
  3. Age-related mascular degeneration (natural reduction in vision in advanced age)
  4. Theme of World Sight Day 2021
  5. The theme of World Sight Day 2021 is “Love your Eyes”.

Have you ever wondered how a nightmare your life would become if you get any visual problem or blindness suddenly? You won’t be able to do your daily tasks easily and you would be dependent on others for the smallest of things.

So, while the time is still in your favour, act responsibly, love your eyes by taking necessary precautions regarding eye health.

Follow simple steps like protecting your eyes from the sun and dirt. Maintain cleanliness and follow safety precautions if you use artificial lenses. Get regular eye check-ups if you wear glasses to ensure that your numbers are correct.

What We Can Do on World Sight Day 2021

The major intention of this day is to spread messages among people regarding proper eye care. Social media platforms are the best in this case. You can use various hashtags like #Sightsavers #Endblindness etc., to promote eye care and encourage people who are working in related fields to save people’s eyes from damage. You can also add fundraising posts on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to raise donations.


Why World Eye Sight Day Is Celebrated?

The main objective of “World Eye Sight Day” is to make us realize how important Eye is and take proper care of our precious eyes.

What is the theme of “World Eye Sight Day 2021”?

The theme is “Love your Eyes”.

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