Who is Atiq Ahmed? Biography, Family, Cases And More Details Inside

Real Name :  Atiq Ahmed

Hometown: Prayagraj

Age: 60 Years

Religion : Islam

Political Party: Samajwadi Party 

Marital Status: Married

Early Life Of Atiq Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed's father was working on Railway Station. But Atiq not interested to work with father.

Atiq Ahmed Criminal Activity

Atiq did his 1st murder at the age of 17 years. 

Total 80 FIR registered against Atiq Ahmed.

In 2004. Atiq and his brother lost the election. So His brother shooted Raju Pal and killed him. 

Atiq Ahmed VS Mayavati

In 2007, Mayavati became the CM of UP, She took strict action against Atiq Ahmed In the case of Raju Pal's Murder. 

UP's government seized all the property of Atiq and arrested him. 

But Atiq Ahmed got bailed in 2014. 

Atiq Ahmed also killed Raju's best friend Umesh Pal with his son Asad Ahmed. 

Recently, UP Police encountered Asad Ahmed in the murder case of Umesh Pal. 

After Asad's encounter, Atiq accepted all his crimes. The court punished Atiq Ahmed. 

As per the news reports, Yesterday some shooter killed Atiq Ahmed and his brother. 

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