Telugu Movie Kushi Review By Allnews 

Vijay Devarkonda and Samantha's Romantic Movie Kushi created hype in the audience with its songs. 

The story begins with Viplav (Vijay) working at BSNL and seeing Aaradhya (Samantha). He falls in love with her. 

Viplav and Aaradhya married against their parent's wishes. After some time problem happens in their happy married life. 

Kushi movie shows the issues faced by a couple who is in a relationship. 

Vijay Devarkonda is superb in Viplav's character. 

Vijay's timing and performance are noticeable. 

Samantha looks very cute in Aaradhya's character. 

Samantha and Vijay Devarkonda's chemistry is lovable. 

But the movie's story becomes more predictable. You feel the movie is quite lengthy. 

Music is superb in Kushi movie. 


Overall, Kushi movie is an enjoyable romantic movie with your family. You can enjoy your weekend with this movie. 

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