Top 10 Interesting Facts About Makka Madina (Mecca Medina)

1. Mecca, or in Arabic Makkah is a city in western Saudi Arabia.

2. Makkah is located in Sarawat Mountains (Sarat).

3. Mecca is the holiest city of the Islamic religion.

4. Mecca is the city of Islam with strict laws. 

5. Saudi Arabia's government prohibited all non-muslim From entering the holy city of Mecca.

6. Mecca is the largest mosque in the world.

7. All the muslims have to done Haj Yatra(pilgrimage) to Kabba (The House Of God) once in their life.

8. Haj Yatra(Pilgrimage) is the world's largest Human Gathering. 

9. The largest Prayer room Musalla is located in the world is in Mecca.

10. Mecca has the largest automated waste transport network in the world.

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