Finally, Kartik Aaryan And Kiara Advani Starrer SatyaPrem Ki Katha Movie Released At Theaters. 

After a giving blockbuster movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, The duo came up with this romantic movie "SatyaPrem Ki Katha". 

Till Now, SatyaPrem Ki Katha getting a good response on Box office. 

Katha (Kiara Advani) is a very beautiful and aspiring singer from Gujarati Family who lived in Ahmedabad. 

SatyaPrem is jobless and every time imagined his marriage. But His father spoiled his dream. 

Sattu and his father don't get respect From his mother and sister. because His mother (Supriya Pathak) runs the home by running Zumba and Garaba classes. 

Sattu got frustrated because he did not get any marriage proposal from anyone Due to being jobless. 

After Seeing Kiara (Katha) for the first time Sattu fall in love with her and the story begins. 

Something bad happened in Katha's life and even she tries suicide attempts but Sattu saved her life. 

Katha's parents are impressed with his efforts and sent a marriage proposal to Sattu. 

But Katha doent want to marry Sattu because of her past tragedy. But Her father forced her to marry Sattu. 

After marriage, Katha refused to get physical with Sattu On their first night. 

And the Big secret revealed by Katha is that She is Asexual


It is a very beautiful Bollywood Gujarati Love Story. You can enjoy this movie with your Family on the Weekend. 

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