Samantha's Shaakuntalam Is Disappointing mythological drama 

Fans are very excited to see Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Because she come back after a long time. 

Samantha is back with Shaakuntalam to entertain the audience. 

Samantha as Shaakuntal played a role very nicely. 

Samantha gets very less time in the second half, but she gives her all for the role. 

Dev Mohan looks charming and decent in the king’s role. 

The best thing is Allu Arjun's daughter Allu Arha's cameo. Her presence makes a difference to this otherwise dull film. 

The movie budget is almost Rs. 80 Crore still VFX is not great and impressive. 


Shaakuntalam is a mythological drama that fails to impress the audience. 

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