New GST Rates Applied From 18 July, Know What is costlier And Cheaper

New GST rates applicable on food items like Paneer, Wheat, Rice, Curd, Lassi And many more

Day-To-Day household items GST rates are increased from 5% To 18% 

Hospital rooms: 18% GST rate is applied on Rent on hospital rooms. Earlier was 5%.

Banking services are become costlier. 18% GST is applied on issuing Cheque book from banks.

GST rates on Diamonds are increased from .25% To 1.25%.

12% GST rates are imposed on hotel rooms above Rs.1000 per day.

18% GST rates applied on printing, drawing ink, writing, pencil sharpners, paper knives, knives with cutting blades, LED lamps. Earlier was 12%.

GST Rates are increased from 5% to 12% on Solare Heater.

18% GST is applicable on Contract work services like bridges, roads, metro, railways. Earlier was 12%.