1. This bridge is constructed on the Machhu River by Britishers before 150 years.

2. More than 140 people are died in Bridge Collapse in Morbi.

3. The capacity of bridge is approx 120 people.

4. But more than 500 people are on bridge while it collapse.

5. Many People are come to do Chhath Puja from the Vadodara in Machhu River.

6. Renovation of Bridge over the machhu river is happen in last week. Bridge is closed for seven month for renovaion.

7. The bridge is reopened on 30 October,2022 without a fitness certificate from the civic authorities.

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Morbi tomorrow.

9. The State Government announce the compensation of Rs. 4 Lakh Who died in incident and Rs.50,000 for injured.

10. More than 177 people are saved and many are missing.

Morbi Bridge Collapse Live CCTV Footage Video

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