Most Awaited Spy Thriller Akhil Akkineni Agent Movie Review By All News 

The movie is full of action, drama, and romance. It generated massive buzz during the promotion. 

Akhil Akkineni plays a powerful role in Agent movie. He plays well. 

Malayalam Megastar Mammootty also plays a decent role in the movie but it is a little bit confusing role whether he is a RAW chief or a BAD man. 

Sakshi Vaidya looks so adorable and her scenes with Akhil are very less, but they are good enough to watch. 

In the first half, Akhil's character is unpredictable and his action scenes are enjoyable. 

In the second half, the story is predictable and not much engaging as the first half. 

The climax of the movie looks so silly because VFX is very Poor. 

The villain Dino Morea is good but the direction is not convincing because not understand why he is against India. 

The story of the movie is not unique and the climax looks so silly. It is one time watch the movie. 

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