6 Movies You Must Watch On Mother's Day 2022

Shridevi get revenge after her stepdaughter's rapists are acquitted by the court. 

When an elderly woman's granddaughter gets sexually assaulted by a local politician's son, the police is unable to bring him to justice. 

An ambitious young girl, dreams of becoming a singer but faces opposition from her father. 

When her estranged mother falls into a coma, a self-made single mother grapples with regret and resentment while reflecting on their strained relationship. 

In a bid to talk to his deceased father, a young Hamid tries to contact God by dialling 786, which he believes is God's number. His life takes a turn when his call gets answered. 

A housewife and caterer, Shashi, is usually mocked by her family for not knowing English. Her attempt to learn the language helps her rediscover herself and reassert her value as a mother and a wife. 

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