1. India is waiting to celebrate the arrival of cheetahs from Africa

2. India gives this operation name is "Cheetah Project".

3. Cheetah is the fastest animal on the earth.

4. Cheetah can run at 120-km per hour within seconds.

5. Total Eight cheetahs will bring from Namibia.

6. 5 males and 3 females will be brought to Jaipur from Namibia.

7. From Jaipur, Cheetah Will be moved to "Kuno National Park" in Madhya Pradesh

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also arrived at "Kuno National Park".

9. PM Modi will release them the same day.

10. All eight Cheetah will be under Observation.

11. The cheetah is the only large carnivore that got completely wiped out from India because to overhunting and habitat loss.

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