11 Best Netflix Nature Documentaries You Must Watch On Earth Day 2022

Invest In our Planet 

Theme For Earth Day 2022

The Emmy-winning, high-definition nature film offers an up close look of animals in their natural habitats, whether it's the ocean, the Siberian tundra, or a tropical rain forest. 

In Night on Earth: Shot in the Dark, camera crews climbed, dove, and froze to capture the animals and insects that thrive during evening hours when the rest of the world is fast asleep.  

The water-themed film explores our planet's five oceans and the animals and creatures that reside in them.  

Chasing Coral features 500+ hours of underwater footage depicting the devastating effects of coral bleaching on these large structures that are home to precious marine life. 

Chasing Coral 

When a sea-loving journalist discovered the reality of our oceans being polluted with tons of plastic, he set out to make a difference. 

A Plastic Ocean 

The documentary makes the case against animal cruelty within aquariums, as the animals need to live in their natural-born environments with their families, and not taken and used for human entertainment. 

Beak and Brain shows viewers just how smart birds really are. 

Profiling two extremely-clever species of birds, the keas of New Zealand and the crows of New Caledonia.  

This nature documentary is all about how conservationists

bird watchers dedicate their lives to these incredible creatures.  

Dancing With the Birds explores the mating process and rituals of multiple bird species. 

Some species flash dance, while others shape shift before our eyes in the hopes of attracting a mate.  

Growing Up Wild highlights this bond between baby animals and their moms. 

In the film, five baby animals from different areas of the world learn to survive in the wild.   

Absurd Planet highlights earth's quirkiest inhabitants, narrated by "Mother Nature" herself.  

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