10 things you must learn from Indian Warren buffett Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

1. Never Time Or Judge The Market

"The only rule I have is there are no rules."

2. Survive From Gloom And Doom

When there is gloom and doom, don't forget there is darkness before the dawn.

3. Do research before investing

You are investing in a future which is uncertain. You can not predict it beyond a point.

4. Stay Away From Limelight Company

Never invest at unreasonable or overprized valuations. Never run for the companies which are in the limelight.

5. Bhaav Bhagwan Hai (Price is Everything)

Always respect the stock price. At every price, there is a buyer and a seller.

6. Never repeat the same mistake

Make mistakes. Make a mistake that you can afford But never repeat the same mistake.

7. Money matters only Nothing is Right or Wrong

What matters is how much money you made when you were right and how much you lost when you were wrong.

8. Take Calculated Risk

Talking about risk, he said, "Beware of this four-letter word. Only invest what you can afford to lose in the short term."

9. Never Borrow money or never take loan to Invest in stock market

Markets may remain uncertain and the rational being can remain solvent.

10. Stock Trading is not for all

Rakeshji always says "Daddy khud cigarette peete the, magar hume mana karte the."

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