Blackpink Jennie Gone Viral “Is she better F*ck Than Me?”, Fans In Shocked

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The Idol Villan Jennie's Bold Dialog

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The Idol Villan Jennie Bold Dialog: The Idol Episode 2 was released on June 11 and featured BLACKPINK Jennie saying a shocking dialog that left the internet in chaos.

While the majority of K-pop fans were against the SOLO singer’s participation in the show, especially after watching the premiere of The Idol, it is safe to say that many have been looking forward to what Dyanne, the character the singer plays, has in store.

Jennie’s bold dialog creates chaos and fans can not believe how the K-pop singer used curse words.

The Idol Villan Jennie’s Bold Dialog

The Idol’s first episode did not have many scenes with Jennie. But the second episode showed her boldness with The Weeknd.

This was loved by all fans, irrespective of their perspective on the show.

BLACKPINK Jennie appeared in the controversial HBO series starring The Weeknd and Lily Rose-Depp.

As per the news reports, Jennie got the role in The Idol without any help from YG Entertainment.

An official from TenAsia claimed, “Jennie personally met with The Weeknd and received an offer to appear in the drama. We are aware that she expressed her desire to take on this project.”

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