Taapsee Pannu On Instagram: Many people called me after Sushant’s death asking if I am okay

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Taapsee Pannu On Instagram

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Taapsee Pannu On Instagram: Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide on 14th June. His death left the entire nation in shock.

At India Today e-Conclave Inspiration, Taapsee Pannu talked about how she remembers the late actor.

Taapsee Pannu On Instagram

Taapsee Pannu On Instagram, “Unfortunately, I never even bumped into Sushant ever. We might have had common friends but I don’t think either of us were socially active and that’s why we probably never met each other. But strangely we didn’t even bump into each other in any of the events like award shows. But regardless of that, people who have not met him or seen him in person, it has hit our gut equally bad, equally hard.”

Taapsee Pannu On Instagram also revealed that after Sushant’s death people have been calling her, asking her to take care of herself.

She said, “Since the time it happened, every day I am getting calls and messages from people who are like are you okay, are you happy, you need to talk? You know, suddenly such kind of messages, calls. My neighbours are suddenly more concerned because I don’t live with my parents.”

“I have my sister with me and that’s what I tell them, but they tell me that. ‘no no your parents are not with you, you’re not from here. Are you okay? we are there if you need anything, please don’t feel that you’re alone.’ The number of such calls and messages have gone up drastically since the time this has happened.”

  • Sushant’s death triggered a debate on mental health and the treatment of actors from outside in the Hindi film industry.
  • People have been targeting Bollywood biggies on social media and accusing them of nepotism and favoritism in film industry.
  • Sushant’s death is being investigated by Mumbai’s Bandra police.
  • They have questioned over 30 people in connection with the case.

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