Why Switzerland Banned EV Cars? Are there big problems in EV Technology?

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Switzerland EV News: What!! Does Switzerland become the first country to ban EV Cars? Yes, you heard it right.

No longer EV vehicles are available in Switzerland during the winter season.

Switzerland is the most beautiful place in the world. Most tourist dream to be in Switzerland.

But Switzerland is planning to ban EV Vehicles soon.

Switzerland EV News: Why Switzerland May Banned Electric Vehicles?

According to the Telegraph reports, Switzerland is planning to ban EVs in order to avoid a major power crisis in the winter season.

More than 100k have been registered in 2022 which is almost 2.3 percent of a total number of cars.

The country is very much dependent on the hydroelectric power system. That system generates the power from flowing water.

But the water flaws decrease in the winter season.

Moreover, Switzerland is more dependent on neighboring countries like Germany and France.

Switzerland majorly imports electricity from France and Germany.

Due to the Rassia-Ukraine war, the power crisis in European Countries.

Additionally, Russia is the largest Oil and Gas exporter. Because of Russia-Ukrain War, a heavy power crisis occurred in European Countries.

Similarly, Ukraine is also a small exporter of Oil and Gas to other countries.

Due to this power crisis, Switzerland may ban EV Vehicles (Electric Vehicles) at present time.

Till now, Switzerland has limited usage of electric vehicles for any kind of journey.

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