SRK+ Is New OTT Platform? Know The Real Truth Here

SRK+ Is New OTT Platform? Shah Rukh Khan is not launching an OTT platform called SRK+. This was all related to a new ad campaign of Disney+ Hotstar featuring the Pathan actor.

Shah Rukh Khan’s fans got excited on Tuesday, March 15, when he launched his app SRK+. From Karan Johar to Salman Khan, friends from the industry congratulated Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan on his new venture.

However, this was all a build-up to Disney+ Hotstar’s new ad campaign featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

SRK+ Is New OTT Platform? Shah Rukh Khan Launched His New OTT Platform Or App?

Today, Disney+ Hotstar launched a new commercial featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Anurag Kashyap, which kind of makes it clear that SRK+ is not an app but just a commercial gimmick that many fell for.

In the ad, Shah Rukh is seen asking Anurag to share story ideas for new projects but as he shares his ideas, SRK realises that these are already there on Disney+ Hotstar.

On Thursday, March 15, Anurag Kashyap wrote that collaborating with Shah Rukh was ‘dream come true’.

Check Out the new teaser of Disney+ Hotstar New ad Campaign with Shah Rukh Khan,

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Is Shah Rukh Khan launched his first OTT app or platform?

No, SRK+ is a new ad campaign of Disney+ Hotstar.

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