Small Scale Business Ideas: This business is very demanding and most profitable business in Summer, know here how to start

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Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment 2022

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Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment 2022 (Idea No.1): The bottled water business is the most profitable small scale business in India. You can earn endless money.

Water, food and money are basic needs for human beings. 

We can’t imagine our life without water. Day by day, The demand for drinking water is increasing. That is why In such a situation, this business is growing rapidly. 

The bottled water business in India is growing at the rate of 20% annually. The 1-litre water bottle has a 75 per cent market share. You can earn big money (profits) through this business with very low investment.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment [Idea No.1]: The Bottled Water Business With Low Investment

Branded companies like Bisleri, Kinley etc are doing very good business. From 1-litre to 20-litre bottles are provided in the market. 

At the same time, a bigger bottle (20 litres) is available for use in homes.

How to start the bottled water business in India

If you want to start a mineral water business,

Step-1: First make a company. 

Step-2: Get it registered under GST and get the GST number and Complete all the formalities like the PAN number of the company. 

Step-3: You need 1000 to 1500 square feet space for boring, RO plant and chiller machines and cans etc. You have to make a water storage pace for storing water.

Step-4: Purchase RO plant from any authentic dealer or manufacturer. RO Plant system price starts from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 2 Lakhs. So your investment will be approx 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs.

Step-5: After all this setup, Just packed filtered water in bottles, jars and cans and do some marketing near your plants.

Step-6: supply it to every shop, commercial office and mall.

Step-7: Your business starts successfully and start counting your profit.

Bonus Point: if you can afford private labelling, then start printing your brand name on water bottles and jars. You will get extra benefits for your business to increase sales.

What are the precautions you should know before starting your bottled water business?

For setting up an RO water plant, you have to set standard TDS levels of water. After this, you should take FSSAI Registration & Food Safety License for water. 

Many people are working in the RO water business. Big money can be earned if we improve the quality and supply chain system.

If there is any problem with the water supply and quality of water, then the business can be badly affected. 

Bottles and jars get broken and stolen a lot, that’s the damage of this business. so take note of that.

If your supply chain (Delivery System) and taste and the quality of water then your sales and business are increasing and you make a good amount of profit.

For Example,

The average 1 jar price is Rs. 30.

In every office or shop, weekly 10 jars or 20 litres bottle needed in summer.

So just calculate 10 bottles * 4 weeks per month per customer.

40 bottles are needed per month per customer.

40 bottles * Rs. 30 = Rs. 1200 Per Months Per Office or customer.

If you have 100 customers per month then your sales will be 100 * 1200= 1,20,000

after cutting your all expenses like electric bills, salary and maintenance approx 60,000 will be cut from 1,20,000.

So your profit will be Rs.60,000 Per Month (Minimum). Your profit will increase as your customers increase. You will get your investment within 3-4 months. After that enjoy your profits.

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