Shushant Singh Latest News: Only this person could have saved Sushant Singh Rajput life

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Shushant Singh Latest News

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Only Ankita Lokhande could have saved Sushant singh life! A close friend made a big disclosure

Shushant Singh Latest News: On 14 June 2020 Sushant Singh Rajput hanged himself in his apartment in Bandra, Mumbai.

It was told that he was suffering from depression for the last 6 months. Sushant Singh funeral ceremony in Mumbai in the presence of his family and Bollywood co-stars. His ashes were later immersed in Patna.

Shushant Singh Latest News

Shushant Singh Latest News
Shushant Singh Latest News
  • Shushant Singh Latest News The reason for Sushant Singh taking such a big step is not yet clear. The police is still engaged in investigating this case.
  • Mumbai Police are questioning his close friends and friends to sort out the mystery of Sushant’s suicide.
  • But meanwhile, Sushant singh close friend Sandeep Singh has revealed a lot.
  • Sandeep has shared some memories with Ankita and Sushant and said that only Ankita Lokhande could save him.
  • Sandeep has expressed his wish that Sushant and Ankita would have married.

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Sushant Rajput and Ankita Lokhande Latest News

Shushant Singh Latest News
Shushant Singh Latest News
  • He has written a very emotional post in the name of Sushant Rajput and Ankita Lokhande latest news that I wish he and Ankita would have prevented Sushant from committing suicide.
  • She has also shared an old photo with Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande.

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Sandeep Talk About Ankita Lokhande

  • Sandeep said, Dear Ankita, the same thing is following me again and again with every day passing. Said…
  • We would have tried a little more, we would have stopped him, we would have begged him! Even if both of you separated, you prayed for his happiness and success… Your love was pure.
  • Was special You have not yet removed his name from your home nameplate.
  • I remember the days when the three of us lived in Lokhandwala as a family.
  • We have many such memories that make me cry today thinking… cooking together, eating together, AC water falls, our mutton bhat, our uttan, Lonavala or long drive to Goa.
  • Our crazy holi! The laughter we shared, the sensitive low phase of life when we were with each other, you are the most.
  • Things you used to do to bring laughter to Sushant’s face. ‘

Sushant Singh’s True love

  • He further wrote, “Even today I believe that both of you were made for each other.
  • You both are true love. These things, these memories are echoing in my heart…
  • how do I bring them back! I want to bring them back. I want the three of us back! Remember Malpua? And how he used to ask my mother like mutton curry like children. ‘

Sandeep further wrote, ‘I know that you could have saved him. I wish you two got married as we thought in my dream. If both of you lived together then you could definitely save it.

You were his girlfriend, wife, mother and his best friend. I love you ankita I hope that I will never lose a friend like you. This cannot be possible.

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