Salim Khan’s appeal to fans on lockdown, #StayHome #StayHealthy

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Salman Khan in touch with dad Salim Khan through video call since three weeks

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Salim said, there is no rocket science to fight against Corona, just stay at home

Salman is Stucked in a farmhouse in Panvel, along with his daughter Arpita and his family’

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan said there was no rocket science to fight Corona. Just staying home and staying safe. The most important is to keep social distance. He also follows this. Salman does too. Salman is Stucked in a farmhouse located in Panvel. He is accompanied by daughter Arpita-his family and children.

The first time Salman went away alone

Salim Khan said, “For the first time in my life, my son is 13 days away but that does not mean that he is crying without us or else he will miss us very much.” He fully understands that it is time to take responsibility. It is good to stay away. There is no need to be emotional. Nowadays, father and son are doing good by staying away from each other. If we can stay then you too please stay where you are. Strictly obey all the rules declared by the system, it is your good.

All three sons are sensible

In addition, Salim Khan said, my three sons are wise and are following the doctor’s instructions. Arbaaz and Sohail live near me in Mumbai. Salman is currently in Panvel. Talk to him on an audio call. I don’t feel the need to make a video call. The lockdown is over and we’ll be back again. Right now I can’t go to him and he can’t come to me. No matter how big the stars are, it’s not worth using our own starpower at this time.

Reads all day

Speaking further, Salim Khan said that Arpita has two young children in Panvel and it is important that Salman is there at this time. The rest of Arbaaz, Sohail and daughter Alvira live next door. We talk to each other or have dinner together when needed or at meal times. I am already fond of reading and do it all day. I read some acting and screenplay books. I also read literature. He is also reading books on astrology and homeopathy. Homeopathy has shown many remedies but how effective it will be on the corona will be known only after its use.

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