Rajat Barmecha writes a poem dedicated to all artistes who feel caged

During the last week, conversations on social media have been mostly revolving around actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, which affected the Udaan actor Rajat Barmecha so much that he remained off social media for a few days.

“I was hearing so much about nepotism, insider vs outsider, mental health struggles and so much more. And no matter how much you try, it stays with you and affects you. Moreso, as I am an actor and a part of the industry, if I wasn’t maybe it wouldn’t affect me so much. You think about what he went through and what you went through, career choices, trajectory etc and compare similar experiences. That’s why you connect more and think more than others,” says the actor.

Barmecha wrote a poem that is dedicated to all artistes and “people who feel caged”. The poem, posted on Instagram, talks about the insider- outsider debate and goes like this, “Ek udta panchi hoon main, mujhe azad rehne do. Is sundar mayanagri mein mujhe abaad rehne do. Sapne lekar aaya hoon, badi door se maine, is sapne se bhi sundar sapne ka thoda to ahsaas lene do. Kehte hain tum bahar ke ho, tumhe andar kaise aane de. Har us bahar wale ke sapno se yeh duniya bani hai, usse usike sapno ki duniya mein, kabhi toh jaane do.”

The actor admits that he isn’t a professional writer but enjoys writing “when an idea occurs and thoughts and emotions pours out”. He felt that like Rajput, he, too, isn’t from a film family, has struggled to get films as an outsider, and “felt like an odd person at film gatherings,” which is why he connected with Rajput’s life, career and story. “I, also, feel I am lucky and sorted in life as there are many aspiring actors who are vying for a big break and are very affected by his death not just emotionally but mentally too. I wrote the poem also for all the artistes out there, and tell them, don’t let people tell you that you are any less. We can’t feel or made to feel like that,” he says.

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