RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020

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RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020

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RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020: RadhaKrishn Written Update Subhadra told everyones that she loves Arjun and not Duryodhan, hence she cannot marry Duryodhan.

RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020

Shakuni thinking about Krishna as Paundrak asks what is happening, Paundrak should go and insist Subhadra to marry Duryodhan. Krishna addressing him as Mamashri asks why should he.

Shakuni gets shocked and realizes he is real Krishna. Krishna says he didn’t do anything, only love did. Shakuni thinks where is Paundrak then. Paundrak in jail asks guards to free him as he is real Krishna.

Guards laugh on him. Duryodhan shouts how can Subhadra reject him, he is a future king and its an insult to him, Balram promised him and should get his sister married to him.

Krishna says there is nothing wrong if decision is changed according to situation. Duryodhan says Balramji cannot break his promise, else whole Bharat will not trust Balram and Yadav kul. He gives Balram 1 day and walks away. Balram shouts at Subhadra how can she insult him.

Subhadra says love can happen in a second, she loves Arjun and she cannot deny it. She walks away from there followed by Radha. Balram then angrily asks Arjun what did he do that Subhadra fell in his love within a day. Arjun says even he is surprised. Balram warns his truth will be out by tomorrow.

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Balram angrily cuts wood. Krishna walks to him and says he cut wood in 1 blow, but cannot refix it. Simialrly in anger, he took a wrong decision. He reveals that he is hurt as Subhadra didn’t accept his decision, but what about him who didn’t identify his brother and trusted a doppelganger instead; Jarasand, Duryodhan, and Shakuni sent Paundrak to fool them and get Subhadra married to Arjun as they don’t want Pandavs to perform Rajasuya yagna; Balram fell for their conspiracy.

Balramji realizes his mistake and asks what should he do now. Krishna says he didn’t even ask his sister once what is in her heart, instead he forced his decision on her. He asks what if Subhadra marries boy of her choice and Balram’s promise is also not broken. Balram excitedly asks if that is possible. Krishna says yes.

RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020 (Full Video)

RadhaKrishn Written Update 4th September 2020 (Full Video)

Shakuni informs Duryodhan that real Krishna is replaced Paundrak and he planned to bring Arjun here; since Arjun broke his gandiva and is here without his brothers’ protection, he is weak and can be killed easily.

Arjun meets Krishna and says he doesn’t know why Subhadra took his name, is Madhav angry that his sister loves me. Krishna says he cannot change love and its not Arjun’s mistake. Arjun asks what should he do now. Krishna says he should tell Subhadra that he doesn’t love him.

Radha meets Krishna next and scolds him for trying to break Balram’s promise. Their discussion continues. Krishna says he will keep Balram’s promise and even let Subhadra marry her love.

Shakuni and Duryodhan visit Paundrak in jail and inform them how Krishna changed the situation. They provoke him to kill Arjun. Krishna gets concerned hearing that via his superpowers.

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