PM for third time discussing video conferencing with state chief ministers, wearing mask to raise awareness

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PM for third time discussing video conferencing with state chief ministers, wearing mask to raise awareness

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding video conferencing for the third time with the chief ministers. The Prime Minister has put a mask on Mo at this time. The conference is discussing extending the lockdown period.

Earlier, Modi had spoken to the chief ministers on March 20 and April 2. The 21-day nationwide lockdown is set to end on April 14 to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus.

So far 9 states have demanded the central government increase lockdown. The lockdown is expected to extend across the country by April 30.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can address the country for the fourth time with Corona on Tuesday 14 April. On March 24, Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in his second address.

The central government may make some changes to the lockdown
  • In keeping with government sources, the lockdown is anticipated to travel ahead with some changes.

  • Restrictions will continue, aside from essential services within the states. Schools, colleges and theaters also are likely to stay closed.

  • Because of the lockdown, the country’s economy is suffering a major loss, some sectors is also exempted from the lockdown on condition of adherence to social distance.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank, in its report, expressed the likelihood of the economy recovering amid the Corona crisis.

  • The lockdown has affected the aircraft sector the foremost. In such a case, the govt may allow airlines to start out a flight, but they’ll must vacate the seats all told categories.

Odisha and Punjab extend lockdown till April 30
  • Odisha is that the Delaware to increase the lockdown period. it’s been decided to carry a lockdown till April 30 and keep the college and college closed till June 17.

  • Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has also appealed the middle to shut flights. Besides, Punjab has also increased curfew till April 30. Karnataka too is preparing for a lockdown

  • State, Telangana, Rajasthan, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Pondicherry are in favor of a lockdown.

Modi’s 3 Correspondents thus far on Corona
  • First: On Christian holy day, the Prime Minister talked about imposing a public curfew. After this, on March 22, everything was shutting down across the country.

  • Within the evening the people thanked the corona fighters for enjoying the locks and playing plates from inside the house.

  • Second: Modi announced a nationwide lockdown from Annunciation Day to Pan American Day to stop Corona on March 24.

  • He said those that break the Corona chain should follow the Laxman line to remain in their homes.

  • Third: Prime Minister Modi released a video message on April 3. Meanwhile, people were appealed to point out solidarity by turning off house lights at 9pm on April 5th, putting lamps, candles and mobile lights in their homes.

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