Netflix Documentary Curry And Cyanide Review, Unsolved Mystery Of Death

Vivek Satwara

Netflix's Curry And Cyanide Review

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Curry And Cyanide Review: Once upon a time in a small village in Kerala, a young mother served food garnished with a pinch of Cyanide to the people she did not like. She also helps and supports at the funeral so no one can doubt her.

As per reports, Jolly Joseph allegedly killed six persons including her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, her relative, and a baby and its mother.

Netflix’s Curry And Cyanide Review

The real-crime documentary, directed by Christo Tomy, is narrated of what could have happened. In the absence of official confessions or a legal verdict, the documentary very much relies on interviews with her late husband’s brother and sister.

They were the first to suspect that the deaths were not natural and also to bring police, leading to six exhumations to test for traces of cyanide.

Jolly’s son Romo also doubts her mother, just like his uncle and aunt, that his mother has committed the horrific crimes. Both he and his aunt, Renji, say Jolly personally admitted to them that she did commit the crimes.

After that, Jolly’s lawyer says that there is no evidence to support any of the murder accusations. Traces of cyanide were found only in two cases.

The documentary gives us an in-depth story behind the 2019 headlines but leaves us with many questions.

Jolly also has been caught lying about her degrees and even about her job. All the murders happened when she was around.

No one wants to believe Jolly what she could have done, it is not just because the body count is too high and the murder weapon is the same in each case, it is because the killer is a woman and a mother.

Curry & Cyanide shows the various stages of disbelief the Koodathayi community went through. Even you will be surprised how an ordinary-looking woman in her early 40s can be a serial killer.

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