Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020: Neha Kakkar returned to Instagram, saying ‘I am not going to die’

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Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020

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Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020: Neha Kakkar returned to Instagram, made distance from social media by saying ‘I am not going to die‘.

Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020

Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020
Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020
  • Bollywood Tadka Team Famous singer Neha is in the discussion about her looks and sometimes her superhit songs.
  • In the past, Neha made a distance from instagram platform due to the spreading negativity on social media.
  • She has also informed the fans before making the distance.
  • But now there is good news for Neha’s fans.
  • It is reported that Neha has again debuted on Instagram.
  • Neha has also shared a special video while making a comeback.

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Neha Kakkar On Instagram Today

  • Neha Kakkar Instagram 2020: While making a comeback on Instagram, Neha shared a video and wrote, ‘Tonight at 8 o’clock.’
  • This video of Singer is liking fans a lot.

Neha Kakkar Instagram Story
  • Before this, Neha wrote goodbye to social media and wrote, ‘I am going to sleep.
  • Please lift me up when there is a better world here.
  • A world where freedom, love, respect, care, fun, good people.
  • Not a place where there is hate, nepotism, hitlers, murderers, suicide, bad people.
  • Good Night. Don’t worry, I’m not going to die. Just leaving for a few days. ‘

While there she captioned,

‘I am sorry if anyone feels bad. But I had been feeling it for a long time and could not say it. I am trying my best to be happy but it is not happening.

I am a common man and also very emotional. So all this makes me hurt a lot. But don’t worry, I’m fine. Lots of love to all of you. ‘

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