Muzamil Ibrahim on nepotism debate: Even if star kids give a flop or do a bad film, they’ll keep getting more work

Muzamil Ibrahim started off his showbiz journey being a top model in the country and a heartthrob. However, soon after his film debut in 2007 with critically acclaimed Dhoka, the actor has been on and off the circuit.

Talking about the challenges he faced as an outsider after his debut released, something he also highlighted on his social media after the passing of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he says, “The kind of buzz around me was phenomenal at that time of my debut. But once in the industry, it gets hard. But the star kids, even if they give a flop or do a bad film, they’ll keep getting films. Even their mediocre films are lauded and they survive merely on the basis of publicity and the word of mouth by their friends and family from the industry.”


The actor, who entered the film industry at the age of 21, admits that at such an age, one tends to take things to heart very easily. There’s also that bitterness that comes wondering why things are not going well, he opines.

“I’ve been on both sides of the rainbow. The film industry is one big family and there’s another family within that. They compete against one another, it’s fine with them as long as it stays within the family. When a genuine star potential comes across somebody who’s a threat to probably where they stand, that’s a problem for them. When you’re fighting for the A league, that’s when the trouble starts to happen,” the 33-year-old shares.

And in situations where “people try to slander you, back bite you”, Ibrahim agrees it can take a toll on a person mentally, and “life gets tougher”.

Also, questioning the merit of film award shows, the actor says how he wasn’t even invited to one of them where he was nominated in the best debutant category.

“I was pitted against people from the clan, how could I even think of winning?” he quips.

Forget a film, Ibrahim says getting access to a filmmaker, merely a meeting is a challenge for people like him, who have no connections can sometimes take four to five years.


“But for a star, any director is just a call away. Our struggle is to even get a foot in the door. You’ve to be at it. I’ve auditioned more after doing my subsequent films like Will You Marry Me (2012) and Horn ‘OK’ Pleassss (2009) than I have before doing Dhokha,” explains the Special Ops actor. 

According to him, all this gets to a person after a period of time, and the problem is that one cannot confide or relay on friends from the industry there are hardly any people who one trust.

“People you trust can mislead you into taking a wrong decision and hamper your career. Nobody wants you to do well. You lack friends. I used to attend parties but now I’ve completely cut off. It does not matter to me. I give my auditions and I keep learning every day,” says the actor, who now writes his own scripts.

“I’m an exceptional writer and I know one day I’ll will make a movie,” he ends.

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