Music Singer Amber Lulu Viral Video Creates Controversy

Vivek Satwara

The Reality Of Amber Lulu Viral Video

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Amber Lulu Viral Video: Amber Lulu leaked video has a major impact on her career. Netizens are very curious to know about Tanzanian Musician Amber Lulu viral video.

The Reality Of Amber Lulu Viral Video

Amber Lulu’s real name is Lulu Abubakar. She has a very good amount of followers on social media platforms. She has more than 4.4 million followers on her official Instagram account.

However, Amber Lulu’s video made the headlines. In an alleged viral video, Lulu has been seen in a compromising situation with musician Nuh Mziwanda.

The video is spreading on all social media and creates controversy.

Amber Lulu reacted to her alleged viral video and clarified that it was recorded after a photo session with Mziwanda for their upcoming song. She explained that she used the app to record for personal viewing only. She has no intention of uploading it.

She stated that the video went viral on the internet without her consent.

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