Another Missouri Teacher Megan Gaither Leaked Videos From OnlyFans Go Viral On Reddit, She Gets Suspended From School

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The Reality of Megan Gaither Leaked Video Megan Missouri Reddit Video Viral

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Megan Gaither Leaked Videos: One more teacher is suspended from Missouri School because of her OnlyFans Account.

Last Month, a high school teacher by profession in Missouri Brianna Coppage Viral Video was trending on all the social media platforms. She has also an OF account. Due to her work on OnlyFans, she was suspended from the school.

The Same scenario is happening again. Megan Gaither is a also high school English teacher from St. Clair High School in Missouri.

She has an account on an adult-entertainment platform and all the controversy is stated because of Megan Gaither Reddit Video (Viral).

The Reality of Megan Gaither Leaked Video | Megan Gaither Reddit Video Viral

As the news reports came out to the public, Megan was suspended from her school duties. She might be fired from her job as well according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Megan Gaither was a 31-year-old woman who last May joined OnlyFans to support her family financially and pay off her debt.

She clearly stated that all the income from OnlyFans is used to pay her debts. Reportedly, Megan’s earnings from the OF Account is around £36,000.

Eventually, Megan Gaither leaked videos went viral on Reddit without her concern and it triggered a controversy in the headlines,

Because of Megan Gaither explicit videos, she has been suspended from her official job duties.

According to Fox2news, In a statement to the eMissourian, Gaither stated- “What we do in our free time should not concern the school.”

She further added that she earned £2,300 to £3,800 per month from her OnlyFans account. Before her school got to know she deactivated her OnlyFans Account.

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