Lets Celebrate International Tea Day!!

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International Tea Day

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21st May is celebrated as International Tea Day. Darjeeling, Chamomile, Green tea, Macha, lemon, the steaming hot beverage is enjoyed in many forms by people whole day.

International Tea Day: Imagine a life without Tea? Unimaginable right! For many across the globe, the day doesn’t begin until they have had a sip of their first morning Cup of Tea.

International Tea Day 2020

  • The unchanging love for tea is so much that the United Nations actually decided to designate a day which celebrates this popular beverage across the world.
  • May 21 has been declared as International Tea Day by UN on the recommendation of “Chai Loving Country India“.
  • May is the month when tea production begins in most tea producing countries so the day will help boost its production and consumption.

Facts About Tea

  • Now that there is a day meant just for tea, there is more reason than ever to explore some interesting facts about chai.
  • Did you know that tea was first meant to be chewed for detoxification purposes?
  • The story goes that while servants were boiling water for Emperor Shen Nong to drink, some leaves from tea bushes blew into the water.
  • The emperor was herbalist himself and liked the changed taste of the drink.
  • And that’s how the concept of drinking tea was born. The world’s popular choice of Tea is made from Black Tea leaves.
  • The Darjeeling tea may be known for its delectable and musky taste, but the prize for the most expensive tea in the world goes to rare Chinese variety called Tieguanyin.

Can You Imagine That Tea Has More Caffeine Than Coffee

  • One might think that Coffee has more caffeine content, but it’s actually tea which has more of it.
  • How you put milk in your tea can actually reflect social class. The practice of putting milk in first comes from ancient times.
  • When low-quality China cup cracked when hot tea was poured in them, adding milk first protected them.
  • When stronger and finer materials began to be used, it became redundant. It showed that you were using the finest china to drink your tea.
  • While there are facts galore about tea, for now enjoy the memes and gifs shared on Twitter celebrating everyone’s common love.

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