Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update: Mahira takes first step of her plan

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Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update: The Kundali Bhagya episode begins with the Servant who gave water to Preeta tells her to take rest saying they will handle the preparations. Rishab asks Sherlyn that what was she telling to Karan.

To escape from his further questions Sherlyn tries to get close to him which make him silent. Brother of Prithvi reaches his house and asks his mother about Prithvi. He doesn’t let her say anything and keep talking about his brother and how much he missed him.

Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update

Prithvi tells her that from now on he is gonna live with them only not going anywhere leaving them no matter what happens. Seeing her distress face he asks what happened and what is she hiding from him.

She tells him that Prithvi was supposed to marry Preeta but their marriage could not happen so to escape from his pain his brother drink a lot of alcohol that’s why he could not come to pick him too. Pawan goes to meet Prithvi. Prithvi’s mother gets worried thinking Pawan loves Prithvi so much and he can go any extend for his brother.

Mahira calls Prithvi but His Brother attends the call. Pawan asks why she called him. Mahira without realizing she is not talking with Prithvi she tells him about their plan of kidnapping Preeta because she is his love, his world everything.

She says Preeta betrayed him so now he doesn’t want her or what. Pawan introduces himself to Mahira and says he will kidnap Preeta for Prithvi and asks her to send the address for him.

Rakhi instructs Girish about the decorations. Preeta apologize to Girish on behalf of Karan. Girish says he is used to Karan’s anger so it doesn’t affect him. Krithika tells Dadi that Akshay’s family gonna shift to Mumbai soon. Dadi gets happy hearing her. Kareena says it’s good that they are not here right now, otherwise they would have know about Luthra’s helplessness and Preeta’s domination. She tells Rakhi to warn Preeta to not do any drama today.

Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update (Video)

Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2020 Written Update

Rakhi assures her saying she will make Preeta understand everything. She goes to Preeta and tells her that many people will come to attend the wedding reception and ‘Muh dikhayi’ so no one should doubt about their relationships, they should think everyone is together and happy not doing anything because of any kind of pressure. She says Preeta should not do anything which may affect Luthra’s respect in front of the guests.

Preeta promises to her that she won’t do anything which may hurt her family. Rakhi thanks her and tells her to get ready for the function. Then she informs Kareena that today Preeta won’t create any drama. While going towards her room Preeta meets Karan. He tells her to not do any drama today. She says if he behaves nicely with her then she too will behave nicely with him.

Preeta thinks Sarla asked her about the reception because she wanted her to get the recognition of Karan’s wife in front of the society and her dream going to become true today. Mahira thinks Preeta can’t even imagine what she planned to spoil her function and she will become Karan’s wife in front of the society people.

Dadi tells Girish that it’s Luthra’s reception so there should not be any complaints from the guests. Rakhi tells him to ask her if he has any doubt. Ramona was about to leave the house but Kareena stops her. Rakhi says Ramona doing wrong by leaving the house. Ramona says she is not doing anything wrong instead wrong happened with her and Mahira. She says how can she stay when Karan’s reception happening with Preeta.

Rakhi convince her saying she is still her friend so should not leave the house like this. Preeta shocks seeing Mahira wearing the same saree like her and asks what is she doing in her room. Mahira fills her forehead with vermillion and says very less people witnessed Preeta’s marriage but lot of people will come to attend the reception including media and they will witness her as Karan’s wife not Preeta. Preeta shocks hearing her.

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