Popular Influencer And Korean TikToker Seo Won Jeong Accused Of Sexual Assault

Vivek Satwara

TikToker Seo Won Jeong Viral Video

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TikToker Seo Won Jeong Viral Video: A-lister influencer of TikTok, Seo Won Jeong’s career faced a sudden fall due to assault allegations.

The whole world is shocked after buzzing questions about Won Jeong Man AKA Seo Won Jeong and he creates controversy.

The Korean TikTok sensation “Mama Guy” is becoming the center of attention. As per the SBS News, the popular TikToker Mama Boy Ox Zung is being accused of sexual assault.

TikToker Seo Won Jeong Viral Video

Seo Won Jeong, or Won Jeong Man became a celebrity on TikTok and the most followed non-celebrity content creator in Korea on the TikTok.

His popularity grew massively. He gained the attention of millions around the world.

However, the recent allegations against him led to criticism from the public.

Since his TikTok debut in 2020 (Covid-time), Won Jeong has more than 55.6 million followers, owing primarily to his distinctive “Mama” cry.

Even his earnings place him in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023. But a rapid decline was seen in his following and his fall from grace.

The SBS investigation has highlighted the reasons behind his sudden social media absence. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges in managing celebrity status and the potential damage that legal issues can inflict on one’s standing.

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