Kareena Kapoor Birthday: Kareena Kapoor Shares Top 5 Beauty Tips On Her Birthday

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Kareena Kapoor Birthday

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Kareena Kapoor Birthday: Kareena Kapoor Completing her 20 years in the Bollywood industry, Kareena Kapoor is known not only for her stellar acting skills but also for her elegance, hydrated and glowing skin and healthy eating habits.

Kareena Kapoor Birthday: Kareena Shares Top 5 Beauty Tips

Kareena Kapoor Birthday

We always wondered about whether it is the great genetics or self-care that gives her the most amazing skin in the business with a spotless complexion and that natural glow.

Ever since kareena joined Instagram, the Angrezi Medium star has been treating fans to a flood of her selfies which show her without makeup.

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips

As the Bollywood diva turns 40 on Monday, we share some beauty secrets of Kareena Kapoor that are very useful for maintaining her beautiful skin.

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips No. 1

Use honey to massage the skin

kareena kapoor beauty tips No.1

While her eternal glow comes from wearing as very less makeup as possible and skipping it altogether whenever she can, Kareena gives credits to honey as her go-to skincare hero.

Instead of chemical facials, Kareena makes use of raw honey since it has antibacterial and moisturising properties and is full of antioxidants.

For achieving gorgeous skin, the kareena kapoor khan is known to massage raw honey on her skin every day for a few minutes that gives her a smooth, soft and flawless skin.

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips No. 2

Drink lots of water and coconut water

Kareena Kapoor Birthday

Kareena is not be the first celebrity to tell us to drink lots of water as a beauty tip but truth be told, it helps flush out toxins and hydrates the skin it.

As per Kareena, water is a miracle drug for hydrated skin and she trusts spring water to keep travel woes at bay.

For Coconut water is recommended as it is rich in vitamins and minerals and also helps in the formation of collagen. In an interview with Femina magazine earlier, Kareena had shared,

“There is nothing that comes even close to drinking four to six bottles of natural spring water. I call it a miracle drug, and it helps me keep my hair and skin hydrated, even when I’m tired from all my travels.”

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips No. 3

Keep Skin Moisturized And Healthy

kareena kapoor beauty tips No.3

Kareena can never be found without a moisturizer. From washing her face twice a day to never skipping on the beauty product, Kareena ensures that she always keeps her skin moisturized as it helps prevent wrinkling and act as a barrier against pollution.

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips No. 4

Use Curd And Almond Oil On Skin

kareena kapoor beauty tips No.4

A lesser known fact about Kareena is that she opts for beauty secrets learnt from her mother Babita like adding the age-old recipe of curd and almond oil to her beauty regime. “I would take one spoon of each, mix it up and apply it on my face,” Kareena had revealed in an interview with Grazia earlier.

Apart from helping prevent damage from UV rays and heal chapped skin, sweet almond oil is also beneficial for moisturised and supple skin as it is rich in Vitamin E. Kareena had said, “I apply almond oil to my skin and hair every day. My mum and grandmother have also used it for decades now. Sometimes I also wear a face mask made of curd and almond oil, which has again been handed down to me by the women in my family.”

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips No. 5

Homemade Face Packs And Sheet Masks

kareena kapoor beauty tips No.5

During the quarantine, Kareena kept fans hooked with her organic remedies for beautiful skin. From pouty selfies flaunting homemade masks to being a self-claimed fan of sheet masks and sharing a picture in a pink one with stars on it which she later deleted, Kareena has often spilled the beans herself on her glow-enhancing and skin rejuvenating hacks. Among her favourite DIY facemasks are honey and curd mix and a pack of besan, curd and a little haldi or ubtan as the pack is called, to brighten and mosturise her skin.


Kareena is an epitome of beauty with her always flawless looking skin, killer cheekbones and pouty lips and we can’t help but utter, “How dare you! Tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni khoobsurat lago” even when she steps out sans makeup. Here’s wishing Tinsel Town’s Bebo, a trailblazing year ahead.


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