I could relate to the darkness, says actor Samir Soni about the uncertainty that comes with one’s career in Bollywood

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death affected many people in the industry in many ways. Many spoke about nepotism while some discussed mental health. Actor Samir Soni was quite disturbed too and made a shocking admission in an Instagram post, wrote, “it could have very easily been me”

Talking about it, he says, “I understand the immense pressures of showbiz which is why I wrote that. This business is volatile and unpredictable. There is no consistency or no structure in a career. Many aspirants are only after the glamour. It can get frustrating if after working non-stop, you have no work for months. Every actor goes through this and it can be tough for many. One hit makes you famous but give a few flops, and people might forget you. The extremes are so high that it affects people.”


The writer-director cites examples in the industry like the late actor Rajesh Khanna and actor Kumar Gaurav, both of whom had huge highs and lows in their careers. “In a low phase, sometimes, one can’t see light beyond the darkness. You wait for that one phone call which can change your career. I have been there and so I could relate to the darkness. One has to be very strong mentally to survive in this business. It is not just about talent but also ability to cope with the ups and downs. Also, we have to understand that this is a business at the end of it all, so it is not just about talent but an actor’s destiny and luck too. I’d tell young actors to act because you enjoy acting but be prepared for the long waiting period between projects too. Even now, due to Covid-19, a number of films will suffer and so will the careers of number of actors, directors, producers and technicians,” he states.

Soni debuted with Rajkumar Santoshi’s China Gate (1998) but his film career didn’t pan out as expected. Talking about his career graph, he says, “When I was launched in a huge film like China Gate, I was told I had a bright future but once the film flopped, I didn’t get any work. My first marriage, too, fell apart. From the biggest film and bright future, I had nothing in my personal and professional life. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to react. I would get panic attacks. So, for almost a year, I would stay at home lying in bed, wondering what to do. I seeked help, was in counselling for two years and got back on my feet.”


Later, he thought Baghban (2003), which was a super hit, would translate into a lot of work, but it didn’t. “I didn’t get any film for three months, but this time I was stronger… I am glad I decided to transition into TV and saw success in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. I did a number of films including Vivah (2006), Fashion (2008) and many TV shows such as Parichay, and web shows including Puncch Beat, too. I am happy with my career and life,” adds Soni.

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