Guidelines on lockdown 2.0

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Guidelines of Lockdown 2.0

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The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a set of guidelines for state governments and general public to follow during the lockdown till May 3.

Guideline No.1: Offices of the government of India, Autonomous/Subordinate Offices and public Corporation shall remain closed.

Exceptions are:

  • Defense,central police armed forces.
  • Treasury (including, Pay & Accounts Offices, Financial Advisers With Bare Minimum staff).
  • Public utilities like petrol pumps and Power generation and Transmission units.
  • Disaster Management and Early Warning Agencies
  • Nation Informatics centre
  • Customs clearance at ports border
  • RBI and RBI regulated finicial market with minimum staff

Guideline No.2: Offices of the state governments and their Corporation etc shall remain closed.

Exceptions are:

  • Police, Home Guard, Civil defence, fire and emergency services and disaster management.
  • District administration and Treasury with minimum staff
  • Electricity, Water, Sanitation
  • Municipal Bodies
  • Resident Commissioner of states in New Delhi with minimum staff
  • Social Welfare Department with minimum staff

Guideline No.3: Hospitals and Veternity and all related medical establishments including their manufacturing and Distribution units, both in private and public sector.

Guideline No.4: Commercial and private establishments shall be shut down.

Exceptions are:

  • Shops including ration shops under PDS, dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animan fooder, fertilizer,seeds and pesticides
  • Banks, insurance Offices and ATM
  • Print and electronic media
  • Telecommunication, internet services, cable and broadcasting services
  • Delivery of all essential goods including food, medical equipments and pharmaceuticals through E-commerce
  • Petrol pumps, LPG, petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets
  • Cold storage and warehousing services
  • Private security services
  • Data and call centers for Government Activities only.
  • Farming operation by farmers.
  • Shops for truck repairs on highways.
  • All other establishments may work from home only.

Guideline No.5 : Industrial Establishments will remain closed.

Exceptions are:

  • Manufacturing units of essential Goods including drugs and medical devices
  • Coal and minerals production
  • Manufacturing of packaging material for food items and drugs
  • Manufacturing and packaging units of fertilizer, seeds and pesticides
  • Tea Industry

Guidelines No.6: All transport services- air,rail,roadways will remain suspended.

Exceptions are:

  • Transportation for essential goods only
  • Fire,law and order emergency services
  • Inter state movements of goods/ cargo inland and exports

Guidelines No.7: Hospitality Services to remain suspended.

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