Guidelines For Lockdown 5: What is Unlock 1?

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Lockdown 5 Unlock 1

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  • The government has issued guidelines on lockdown 5, naming it UNLOCK 1
  • Alomst opening up in the country From June 8, 2020, staying safe is now the biggest responsibility.
  • From June 8, conditional hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and Temples will open.
  • Schools, Colleges, international flights and cinema hall will open in July.

Lockdown 5: After more than two months, the country is now opening. The central government has announced the 5th phase, calling it Unlock 1 instead of Lockdown 5.

This is because most of the activities will start during this time.Unlock 1 will start from June 8 in which hotels, restaurants, religious places, malls etc. will open.

Maintaining social distance and wearing masks will be mandatory everywhere. However, schools, colleges, cinemas, etc. will not open now. Given the way the number of cases and deaths has increased in the last four phases, now everyone has to be more vigilant and cautious.

Our lives are now entirely in our hands. Announcing the opening of the lockdown 5 on Saturday, the home ministry has released a list of three phases. Accordingly the lockdown 5 will be opened.

The time of curfew has also changed in the new rule that has come. It will no longer be possible to get out of the house unnecessarily from 9 pm to 5 am. The curfew time in Lockdown 4 was from 7pm to 7am.

The decision to open schools, colleges, coaching classes, educational institutes, training institutes in the second phase will be taken on the basis of discussions with the state governments and union territories.

Guidelines For Lockdown 5

  • Now Lockdown 5 will be unlocked in 3 phases: Containment Zone will have strict restrictions

Unlock 1 (Phase 1) – will open after June 8th

  • Religious places / Temples
  • Services connected to hotel, restaurant and hospitality, shopping malls
  • Ministry of Health will issue SOP for this so that social distance is maintained and corona is not spread.

Unlock 2 (Phase 2)

  • Schools, colleges, education, training and coaching institutes will be opened as per the advice of state governments.
  • The state government will take a decision in consultation with the parents of the children and those associated with the organizations.
  • The decision to open these institutions can be taken after receiving the feedback.

Unlock 3 (Phase 3)

  • The decision to launch these services will be based on a review of the current situation
  • International flights
  • Metro Railway
  • Cinema hall, gym, swimming pool, entertainment park, theater, bar, auditorium, assembly hall etc.
  • Social, political, sports entertainment, cultural events, religious ceremonies and other gatherings.

Work from home promoted in Lockdown 5

  • It is no longer possible to go out of the house without a mask.
  • Social distance must be observed anywhere in public.
  • Violators will be severely punished.

Night curfew 9pm to 5am in Unlock 1

  • Curfew hours across the country will now be from 9pm to 5am in Lockdown 5. The local authority will issue an order regarding its compliance.
  • District officials will decide on the control of the containment zone as per the guidelines of the Central Government.
  • Approval for necessary activities in the containment zone will remain the same. There will be restrictions on movement in other zones to control the situation.
  • Contact tracing will be done intensively in this zone. Every home will be under scrutiny.
  • The State or Union Territories will be able to determine the buffer zone where the case is likely to be found outside the containment zone.
  • The district administration will place restrictions in the buffer zone.
  • States and Union Territories can also impose restrictions outside the containment zone if they wish.

No restrictions on these activities

  • There are no restrictions on the movement of people or goods between states.
  • But if the states feel the need to control movement in the interest of public health after reviewing the situation, they will have to enforce the rules.
  • Passenger trains, labor express, domestic air travel, Indians trapped due to lockdown abroad, foreign nationals will have to follow the rules to get out of the country.
  • No freight vehicle of any kind shall be stopped by any State or Union Territory. Which has to cross the border as per the treaty with the neighboring countries.

Aarogya Setu app is mandatory

  • Every employee will be required to download the Aarogya Setu app to prevent infection in workplaces, offices.
  • The district administration may also ask people to download the Aarogya Setu app. On which they can give an update of their home.
  • One cannot go to public place and work place without mask. That can’t be traveled.
  • Elderly people over 65, pregnant women and children under 10 are advised to stay at home in Unlock 1.

No crowded ceremony, only 50 at wedding and 20 at funeral

  • No more than 50 people can attend the wedding and no more than 20 people can attend the funeral in Unlock 1 (Phase 1).
  • There will be a ban on spitting in public places, drinking alcohol, eating pan-gutkha, tobacco. Violators will be prosecuted and fined.
  • Work from home will be promoted. The work in the offices will be gradually increased.
  • There will be thermal screening and hand sanitizer at the workplace entrance. Distance will be observed in the seating arrangement.

Restriction on containment zone

  • The lockdown 5 in the containment zone will be in effect until June 30, 2020.
  • The containment zone will be determined by the district officials after getting information about the directions of the Ministry of Health.
  • Only necessary services will be allowed in the containment zone.
  • There will be strict restrictions on the movement of people except for the supply of medical emergency services and other essential services.
  • There will be in-depth contact tracing in the containment zone. Will be supervised by going door to door. Other necessary medical decisions will be made.

Buffer Zone

  • The state government will be able to identify the buffer zone outside the containment zone.
  • This will be an area where the risk of new cases is high. Restrictions may remain in place even within the buffer zone.
  • The state government may restrict certain activities outside the containment zone depending on the situation in the area.

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