First International Spanish Song By Maharaja

First International Spanish Song By Maharaja: Indian Rap singer and composer Maharaja is creating quite a buzz and this time it’s because he is coming up with first ever spanish song “Mundo Romantico” by any Indian in the history of mainstream music.

First International Spanish Song By Maharaja

Mundo Romantico has its teaser already garnering millions of views on YouTube. The singer is keen on releasing the romantic & chilled out Reggaeton music video in Spanish which could be eventually dubbed in not only 1 but 7 different languages including Punjabi, Hindi, Rajasthani, Arabic English and Tamil.

Not only will the album be out in so many different languages but it will also have crew members collaborating from all over the world making it very first Indian musical album associated with so many technicians internationally. Technicians and Artist from different countries like Spain , UK, USA, Argentina, Israel and India are collaborating in this project.

First International Spanish Song By Maharaja YouTube Video (Teaser)

First International Spanish Song By Maharaja

International collaboration will indeed be a treat for music lovers. The peppy teaser can surely make the listeners go gaga over the music beats and the catchy lyrics which has the essence of Spanish and Punjabi Language.

The song which not everyone knows tries to take us back to the history which has Indo- Spanish connections. Several years ago a group of Indian Rajasthani folks migrated to Spain carrying their rich heritage of music and dance which now are famously known as Flamencos.

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