Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020: Ravan started Bhangra in Ramlila, video gone viral

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Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020

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Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020: Ramlila is performed all over the country before Dussehra. But Ravana’s character on stage attracts everyone the most.

During the Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020 in Punjab, Ravana’s character caught the attention of not only the people of the state but also the people of other states. This Ravana was performing Bhangra on stage on Punjabi music along with other characters.

Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020: Ravan started Bhangra in Ramlila

The Bhangra video that is going viral, how the person who played the role of Ravana in Ramlila started doing Bhangra in Ravan Dahan. Along with Ravana, two other characters are seen dancing. This video, which is going viral on social media, is being rapidly shared and thousands of users are also commenting.

Bhangra at Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020

The video was posted on Twitter by a journalist named Manaman Singh Cheena. Video gone viral on sight.

After watching the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Ravana is enjoying life.” Another said, ‘Punjabi music can make Ravana dance too.’ The 30-second video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. More than three thousand people liked this.

Dussehra Ravan Dahan 2020

Manaman Singh Chhina has shared the video which is going viral while doing Bhangra of Ravana. It is clearly visible in the video that Ramlila is happening and Ravana starts doing Bhangra during his lessons. Public is also seen sitting in front of the stage.

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