Diesel Paratha Viral Video Made Headlines, Vlogger Issued Apology

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Diesel Paratha Viral Video Made Headlines

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Diesel Paratha Viral Video: A Chandigarh dhaba is facing issues after a popular food blogger’s video claiming that they serve parathas cooked in diesel and that video went viral on social media.

Food blogger and Dhaba owner issued apologies and claimed that the viral video was just for entertainment.

The Reality Of Diesel Paratha Viral Video

A dhaba owner in Chandigarh is under investigation after their Diesel Paratha Video went viral. After that Dhaba owner denied the claims.

A popular food blogger Amanpreet Singh’s video claims that the dhaba serves parathas cooked in diesel and raises concerns about food safety and public health.

In the video, a food blogger claiming to be the dhaba owner, states that he is preparing a ‘diesel paratha’.

He proceeds to pour a liquid from a can onto a paratha on a sizzling pan. The video shows smoke billowing and the paratha turning charred.

Social media users are furious and warn about the potential health risks of consuming diesel, which can be fatal. Others highlighted the danger of using a highly flammable liquid near an open flame.

Many also called for authorities to investigate the dhaba and take legal action against the owner. Some also questioned the authenticity of the video.

Shortly after the video went viral, Food Blogger Amanpreet Singh deleted it and issued an apology.

The dhaba owner, Channi Singh, also issued a clarification, stating that the video was shot for entertainment purposes. He said the establishment uses only edible oil for cooking and prioritizes hygiene.

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