Bangalore Lockdown News: Essential Services To Operate, Restaurants Open For Home Delivery

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Bangalore Lockdown News

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Bangalore Lockdown News On Sunday: However, the police are urging restaurants and grocers to shut shops if they want to remain closed on Sunday.

Lockdown In Bangalore On Sunday

  • The Bengaluru Police has issued a strict warning against those who come out of their homes and violate the curfew, which will begin at 8pm on Saturday and continue till 5am on Monday.
  • Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao urged residents of the city to “stay at home and break the chain.”

Bangalore Lockdown News

“We have not imposed an extended lockdown as it will hurt many people. This is just for one day of the week. It will be exactly like lockdown in March and April but only for one day of the week.”

“People cannot say they do their shopping on Sunday and want to step outside. Stepping outside must be avoided until absolutely necessary,” Bhaskar Rao said.

Bangalore Lockdown News Updates

  • Bangalore Lockdown News: He further stated that restaurant and grocery store owners can voluntarily shut their shops during the curfew.
  • “We are urging them to close voluntarily on Sunday. People can stock essentials on Saturday and remain at home,” he added.

Lockdown In Bangalore On Sunday Curfew

  • Lockdown In Bangalore On Sunday, The curfew will begin at 8pm on Saturday and continue till 5am on Monday of every week till August 2.
  • Essential services will be open.
  • Grocery stores, kirana shops, newspaper delivery and restaurants will be open only for home delivery.
  • Bars and pubs will be closed, theatres, shopping malls and other commercial establishments apart from essential services will remain shut during the curfew.

Bangalore Lockdown News Live Updates

“People should stay at home and even avoid going to the grocery stores. They can stock up on Saturday. We are imposing this curfew for their own good and people should cooperate.”

“Dunzo and Swiggy services will be available but people must refrain from using it as much as possible. Let’s stay at home and break the chain,” Bhaskar Rao added.

Bangalore Lockdown News On Sunday 5 July

  • He further stated that police personnel would be deployed at every major junction and main road, just like Lockdown 1.0 in March and April.
  • He further stated that vehicles of those who come out during the curfew would be seized and the violators will be booked under Disaster Management Act 2005.

“Even if people have to come out for emergencies like going to the hospital, they should wear masks and gloves. We are only urging people to adhere to our request as it is for their own good,” he added.

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