Asim Riaz New Song Released: Sakshi Malik and Asim Riaz’s “Veham” Is Released Today

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Asim Riaz New Song

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Asim Riaz New Song Released: The new song by Armaan Malik featuring Asim Riaz & Sakshi Malik is already winning fans hearts.

Sakshi Malik and Asim Riaz’s new music video for Veham Song Video recently premiered on YouTube. The song is sung by Armaan Malik and directed by Ashish Panda. Many fans have responded quite positively to the video.

Asim Riaz New Song Released: Asim Riaz and Sakshi Malik’s “Veham” Is Released Today

The video starts with Asim sitting in the balcony. In the balcony next to him, Sakshi is seen walking around, as Asim tries to sketch her face on to a canvas. A few minutes later, fans see Sakshi walk into Asim’s balcony and tell him that he must stop making drawing of her as she is just childhood friend only isn’t his girlfriend.

She then adds that she had a fight with her boyfriend and wants to make him jealous. Sakshi then make a plan and reveals to Asim that she would hang out with Asim more now to make her boyfriend jealous.

The video is quite serene and has many wonderful shots. The video has been shot in Rajasthan and is also quite colourful and amazing places. Asim and Sakshi also look very good with each other and have wonderful chemistry with each other.

Armaan Malik’s voice is also quite melodious and one fan commented ‘Need to take out time to appreciate Armaan’s voice in this song and Asim’s emotional reactions’.

Asim’s Post
Asim Riaz also took to Instagram to add a post related to the video. He adds in his post – ‘My new single #Veham, is sure strike a few chords’. The clip consisted of small clips from his recent music video. Take a look:
Asim Riaz New Song Released
Asim Riaz New Song Released

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