Anupama 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay Getting Know about Vanraj’s Affair

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Anupama 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

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Anupama 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Anupama praying for her children’s happiness. She says I always want to support them and be with them. Watch all the Episodes on Disney+ Hotstar

Anupama 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

In morning, Paritosh comes to Vanraj. Vanraj says I have to go to office.

Anupama asks Paritosh to become the son Vanraj was proud of. Paritosh nods.

Vanraj meets Kavya at the cafe. He says sorry to Kavya, I was so worried about of Paritosh. She says its okay, what matters is?.

Vanraj says I thought Paritosh will not come back, I lost him, but Anupama didn’t lose hope and got him back, my anger would have destroy everything, Anuoama managed everything, I asked her to leave, I was breaking my own house, but she saved it, sorry I m saying it about Paritosh’s matter.

Kavya says I feel jealous of her. So Vanraj says Anupama is in my house, but you are in my heart, I really love you Kavya.

She says I love you too.

But Kavya get shocked after seeing Sanjay. Sanjay gets angry and comes to them. He meets the client. He says I got to see a breaking news.

Vanraj says relax, I know Sanjay well, he won’t tell anything to Anupama that she gets hurt, I will manage, anuama trusts me a lot, she won’t believe anyone.

Sanjay says I dont think we will meet like this. He goes. Anupama’s saas (Baa) says I wished to get bahu of my fav choice, my Saas came in between, I wanted to get Anupama’s bahu, now Anupama is coming in between.

Mama ji asks her to become Maa, a good Saas. He jokes. She says Bahu can never become a daughter, Saas can never become a mum. Sanjay is angry. Vanraj calls him. Sanjay calls Anupama.

Baa sees Anupama on call. Vanraj gets his number busy. He thinks to take Anupama in confidence. He says even her number is busy. Anupama says I m ironing Vanraj’s clothes, I like to work for him, how did you call, do you want to talk to Meenu, she is with Baa, she did all the homework, don’t worry.

Baa says even Sanjay doesn’t respect me. Anupama asks is everything fine. Sanjay says yes, I have seen… She asks what. He tells her everything. She gets shocked.

Samar get hitted by Nandini’s cycle. They argue eachother. She asks are you missing me. He says yes, I m missing you, never come. She says I will come, I can’t see you happy, I didn’t come as I got pest control done. He says no ways, I won’t miss her.

Vanraj comes at home. He asks Anupama to get some water. She says Sanjay had called me. He gets worried. Sanjay says Anupama ties rakhi to me and regards me a brother, but I couldn’t do the duty.

Anupama says he went to some cafe. Vanraj says you don’t know what’s the matter. She says no, sanjay told me in detail. he says what could I do, She says food festival is happening in the cafe, I said I will not compete at the food festival.

Vanraj smiles. Sanjay asks what’s the use of truth if it breaks my sister’s house, how could I tell Anupama that her faith is in trouble, she will break down. Vanraj thinks I knew Sanjay won’t tell her the truth.

Sanjay says I will do my duty, I will talk to Vanraj about this. Baa sees a guy dropping Pakhi home. She goes to Pakhi and Bobby.

Bobby says my dad has big business. Baa says so he isn’t paying attention to son, what clothes are you wearing. He says its fashion. Baa tells a story. She says person should be own self. She tells another story.

Pakhi holds her head. Bobby leaves. Pakhi asks what was that. Baa says come home, I will explain, what was the need to get him home, everyone was seeing. Pakhi says he is my friend. Anupama asks what happened.

Baa says she was getting us insulted. Pakhi argues. Anupama asks her to apologize to Baa. Pakhi says sorry, Baa should realize she is wrong. She goes. Mama asks Meenu to go in and play.

Baa says you have given them freedom, control Pakhi. Vanraj comes and asks what happened. Anupama says nothing. Baa says Vanraj should know what is his daughter doing. Mama says its not a big thing.

Baa says Bobby has come to drop Pakhi home on his bike. He asks what. Baa says she was holding his shoulder. Vanraj asks Pakhi to come.

Anupama says she just came from school. Pakhi comes. Vanraj asks what’s happening. Pakhi thinks maybe mummy told him about cigarette.

Anupama 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

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