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There is no denying the fact that social media has revolutionized online marketing. Social media content, especially videos, has a persuasive and profound impact on the audience’s mind. As per research, most of the successful marketing campaigns create at least two videos every month for social media campaigns. Video-based campaigns enhance traffic and increase sales.

It also curbs down the support queries and helps shoppers get a feel for the products and services. However, unlike blogs and tweets, videos require a lot of time and resources. In this blog, we will discuss how to make free videos and tricks to make your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook video ads compelling & eye-catching.

Here is a list of 4 video editors to create videos and turn them into social media posts while adding music and various customizations:

  • InVideo: InVideo comes bundled with features like multiple storyboards, custom layouts, and social media-specific themes to create amazing videos. All of these features are free to access. However, the videos created by InVideo will have a tiny watermark in the video.
  • Wave.video by Animatron: It is a browser-based social media video maker. Wave.video has features like drag-and-drop, resizing videos, and many other customizations ideal for each social media platform. You can create up to 10 videos of two-minute-long each on its free plan. However, the video will have SD quality and a watermark. While editing videos, you can upload up to 10 clips, 20 images, and 10 audio files. Wave.video also has its stock videos, images, and audio library but those are paid. 
  • Headliner: It is one of the simplest and most creative tools for creating a social video with captions. It allows automated transcribing of audio files into captions. You can also create videos using any blog, article or audio file in Headliner. Besides, it supports upload or online search for images, videos, and GIFs that can be added into your videos.
  • Clipchamp Create: It is a free online video editing in the true sense. Unless you use the stock images or clips, there will not be any watermark in the final video. With Clipchamp, you can create any number of video projects and can export them in 480p resolution. It also offers some other video tools like online video converter, compressor, and webcam recorder.

Things to focus on while designing social campaign strategy:

Objective approach: Just like any other marketing campaign, social video campaigns should have a pre-defined goal and roadmap. The goals might be an engagement boost for your website, enhance your email sign-ups list, or introduce a fresh product to your shoppers. By taking an objective approach, you can realize your goals more comprehensively. 

Figure out your audience: No campaign will be successful if it is not targeted to a specific audience group. The success of your social video campaign is solely dependent on your understanding of the audience. Today’s social sites allow you to get detailed user information including their likes and dislikes that might come handy while deciding your video campaign strategy. 

Key metrics: Once your videos are out, the next big worry is how they are performing. It is always suggested to go with multiple versions of videos to access your audience, especially if it is your first video campaign. There are a number of software that allow creating various versions of your videos to understand the taste of your targeted audience. 

Best practices of social media videos: 

Platform-specific videos: Various platforms have different look and feel. For example, LinkedIn is more of a professional platform while Instagram is a casual and feel-good kind of social site. Also, every platform has its specific video templates. So, it is always necessary to design your social video campaign considering these parameters. 

Keep text visible: In the case of social videos, most of the time, videos are either mute or on low sound. So, it is always good to have easy-to-read text in your videos. 

Compelling soundtrack: The first few seconds of the videos are the most crucial and decide whether the viewer will watch it till the end. It is always suggested to start your social videos with a bang. Music can aid greatly in adding that x-factor in your videos.  

Platform-specific aspect ratio: Since each social media platform has its unique video size and orientation like horizontal, portrait, or square, create your videos keeping that into consideration. However, most of these editors offer a platform-specific aspect ratio conversion of videos. 

Keep it consistent: Consistency is the key to a successful video campaign. Mark a proper calendar for the next 3 to 6 months as per your convenience and try to stick to it as much as possible. Many video editors offer cloud-based storage of videos so that you can share them with just a click.   

Stay creative: These social videos are just a way to drive traffic. The next thing that you should consider is making “how-to” videos. By making informational videos, your audience can feel connected to your brand and the vision of your company. Always lookout for the latest trends in your industry and try to inculcate those into your videos. 


For digital marketers, social media is nothing less than a blessing. People invest more time on videos there compared to any other form of content. Videos get more traffic, likes, shares, comments, and audience engagement. The only two things that you need to focus on our creativity and freshness of the video content. With video editing software and tricks at your disposal, you just need to make videos, post them on Instagram and Twitter, and your videos are ready to dazzle viewers and ultimately streamlines your sales.

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