007 No Time To Die Trailer 2.0: Daniel Craig Vs Rami Malek

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007 No Time To Die Trailer

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007 No Time To Die Trailer 2.0: The ultimate new trailer of Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die released on Thursday and it turned out to be treasure box of secrets, no time to die plot twists and unpredictable turns.

007 No Time To Die Trailer 2.0

The 007 No Time To Die trailer is basically an elaborated version of the 1st one – offering frequent glimpses of Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), Bond’s love interest.

The No Time To Die trailer hints that James Bond quit his service at MI6 (UK’s secret intelligence service) for Swann and now her resurfaced “secret” has forced him to “come back to play.”

One of the most interesting bits about No Time To Die movie is the villain – a scar faced Safin – played by Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek. He’s seriously got no chill because all he wants his “revenge” and the woman Bond is in love with.

“When her secret finds its way out, that’s gonna be the end of you,” James Bond is told in the trailer.

Unlike the first trailer of 007 No Time To Die, Rami Malek gets a dialogue in this one, the weight of which is felt by Bond and the viewers: “We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want to be little tidier,” he tells James Bond.

Actress Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel star), who has been assigned the 007 licence to kill after James Bond quit active service, dominates a number of significant sequences in the trailer.

In the action packed trailer, she fights side by side with James Bond on his mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist, and also have a few sharp exchanges with each other.

The trailer also has glimpses of actors Ralph Fiennes as MI6 head M; Ana de Armas, cast as a new MI6 agent; Christoph Waltz, who resumes the role of Bond’s old villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter, one of Bond’s trusted accomplices.

No Time To Die will be Daniel Craig’s sign off film as James Bond. We’ll let the new 007 No Time To Die trailer blow your mind one scene at a time.

James Bond No Time To Die Trailer (2nd)

James Bond No Time To Die Trailer

Here’s the first 007 No Time To Die trailer, which had sent the Internet into a tizzy back when it released in December last year. Twitter particularly obsessed over Rami Malek’s appearance and we totally get it.

James Bond No Time To Die Trailer (1st)

James Bond No Time To Die Trailer

Last year, an explosion at Britain’s Pinewood Studios in June had damaged the film’s sets, causing one minor injury, news agency AFP reported earlier.

Sometime during the film’s shoot, even 007 Daniel Craig had to opt for an ankle surgery due an on-set injury in Jamaica. No Time To Die was initially slated to hit screens in April this year but the new release date now falls in November.

The makers described the new bond movie No Time To Die as “The mission that changes everything begins.”

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